Предприятия группы Метинвест Feedback


Production safety and peoples’  health are the main priorities of PJSC «AVDIIVKA COKE». The plant carries out the production activity and builds strategy based on Policy in labor protection field, health and environment of the management company «Metinvest Holding».

The plant’s approach is to conform to the legislation requirements, besides take additional measures that are necessary to decline  risks, to prevent industrial injuries and occupational diseases. In order to implement the stated measures we made  the consolidated budget regarding labour protection, health and environment of PJSC «AVDIIVKA COKE»  to be  realized during 2011-2015.

In 2010 «10 Golden rules of production safety» were ratified at our plant. This is a set of basic rules of safe conduct in  the production area, which determine the base behaviours of worker in the process of works implementation or while staying at the territory of the plant.

We actively use the instruments of positive motivation of employees. In accordance with the Statute concerning the motivation as for the annual results we evaluate the work of workshops in the field of labour and industrial safety protection. The best workshops of the plant were identified, where there were no human injuries and accidents, where rule and labor protection breakers were decreased, besides in these shops the work in labor protection field was conducted in compliance with the rules and guidelines. The winner was the staff of coke shop No.3; the second  best  one was repair-mechanical shop and special coke equipment repair shop; the third winner was the desulphurization shop No.2 and electric repair shop. As the reward the  bonuses were paid.          

In the modern educational center at the territory of the plant we organize teaching of workers of Avdiivka coke concerning  the safe labor methods where the best world practices are used.

The corporate standards focused on the increase of work safety were implemented: «Safety audits», «Determination of root causes of incidents». The followings standards are now being implemented: «Blocking/Marking/Control», «Contracting organizations safety  management», “The requirements for  special cloths, shoes and other individual protective gear for the workers of the plants  included in Metinvest Group», « Safety Work Analysis».

Every year  at our plant we realize the  monitoring of accidents. Every accident  is analized as required by the Law  and we also make internal investigation in order to determine the root causes of accidents. During 2010 the accident frequency rate  was reduced by 12,1 %.

Work safety service annually develops and implements the organizational and technical measures in the labor protection field and industrial safety protection, which are directed to reduce  production injuries level and occupational morbidity.

The competition proceeds for bonus of General Director of «METINVEST HOLDING Ltd.»  in  labor and industrial safety area, health care, environmental protection. The application process is finished now,  the next step is to  maintain of suggestions of workers.

According to the preliminary results, the most of suggestions were given by the employees of PJSC «AVDIIVKA COKE» at the nomination «Labor protection and industrial safety». The effective project is registered in the  nomination «Environmental protection», directed to reduce harmful matters emissions to the air. With the preventive purpose the interesting suggestions were developed in the nomination «Health Care».

Information and management in labor protection area,  site safety, improvement of social and living conditions in work are under careful attention of the managent of PJSC «AVDIIVKA COKE».