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Avdiivka coke completely provides itself necessary power resources. The scope of  the plant’ policy in energy-savings area is  based on the increase of the efficiency of technological and production processes  and energy resources application.

In technological production process several types of energy carriers are applied:  coke gas, high, middle and low pressure steam, electric power.

In production process we use coke gas as the basic energy carrier. In heat and power plant the coke gas is burnt in steam boiler furnaces, then the technological steam is produced for production demands, as well as electric power. Besides, coke gas is used as fuel for heat-exchanging processes in chemical shops of the plant, for drying of coal float concentrates at coal enrichment factory, for heating of coal defrosting garages in winter, for water heating in the hot-water boilers in heat and power plant in order to provide the hot water-supply to the plant and Avdeevka town.

Effective use of energy resources has been always within the scope of the plant’ most profound attention.

Lately huge work was conducted in the heat and power shop, which is intended to provide heat and electric energy in by-product coke production. There are seven power boilers are set by total capacity 515 tons of steam per hour at heat and power plant. Pured coke gas  is the fuel for boilers.

There are 19 blocks of dry extinguishing of coke in coke shops. Every block is equipped with waste-heat recovery unit by capacity 25 tons of steam per hour. Steam coming from boilers in heat and power plant and dry quenching plants No.1-3 has the following dimensions: pressure – 39 kg/cm2, temperature – 440 0С. It is supplied to the  turbine-generators which annual output amounts to 320 million kW/hour of electric power in average. Total set capacity of turbine-generators amounts to 90 MW. Technological processes of by-product coke production are provided by exhaust steam  (15 kg/cm2, 5 kg/cm2). Partially exhaust steam is condensed in condensers and is used repeatedly for boilers feeding.

In 2009 power boiler No.7 was commissioned, thus the  reliability of high pressure steam supplying was increased for the demands of by-product coke shops of the plant. In 2010 the turbine-generator No.9 was repaired and it allowed to reduce the plant’ demands to  purchase electric power.

In 2011 March was very important for plant’s power engineers - after reconstruction of turbine-generator No.7 was set to work. It is equipped with the new condensers of «Alfa Cond» made by Danish firm «Alfa Laval». Their installation allowed to increase efficiency output of turbine which now at the same amount of steam produces electric power several times more. Condensers «Alfa Cond» are used on turbine-generator No.7, this is a good example to decide the major ecological task - implementation of energy saving technologies.

Presently at PJSC «AVDIIVKA COKE»  the cooling tower No.2 is under complete  repair in heat and power plant.

When the complete repair is finished the heat exchange will improve in the condensers of turbines,  work efficiency and electric power production will be increased. Other projects how to save energy are now also realized.