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Avdiivka coke is the large industrial enterprise, and its work as well as the work of other industrial enterprises is related to the ecological load to the region.

The management of Avdiivka  coke  understand the responsibility before the workers, habitants of our town and region and takes measures directed to reduce industrial effect on the environment.  PJSC «AVDIIVKA COKE» takes care of the ecology situation and care for the future of our region where employees of the plant live and work.

The basic  components of ecological activity are the implementation of progressive technologies, realization of production funds modern projects, introduction of ecological management at the level of the international standards.

The ecological program PJSC «AVDIIVKA COKE» includes measures of  environmental and water basin protection, utilization of industrial wastes, and also ecological monitoring and research projects in environmental protection.

One of the most ecologically meaningful projects of the plant is the coke gas cleaning from the sulphur content. «Implementation program is aimed to improve  coke gas  cleaning from the hydrogen sulphide and to close the cycles of the final cooling» is developed and implemented together with the institute «GIPROKOKS», it was prepared in accordance with the requirements of International convention where it is stated that hydrogen sulphide content in the cleaned coke gas should not exceed 0,5 g/cube.

Our  plant is one in Ukraine where the sulphuric acid production technology was realized with the usage of equipment manufactured by the Danish firm «Haldor Topse» that cost $6,5 millions, it allowed to provide the high-quality coke gas cleaning from the hydrogen sulphide.

At the moment the desulphurization shops are reconstructed completely.  Realization of this program allowed PJSC «AVDIIVKA COKE» not only to reduce sulphur dioxide content (sulphur dioxide) by 10,5 thousand tons and sulphuric acid by 30 tons per year, but also become the unique plant in Ukraine which decided this question.

Air protection measures were realized, it allowed for our plant from 2006 till 2010 to reduce the specific substance emissions per ton of coke by 33 %.

Coke gas excess is utilized on heat and power plant, it is related to the further receipt of electric power and steam. For today the first stage of the program is executed – third part of the gas that was thrown out in the atmosphere before (it is 16 thousands cubic meters/hour) is used to produce up to 47 МW/hour of electric power per month. Presently at  our plant the works have been started to  replace the turbine generator No.3 to more powerful one, in future it will increase the amount of the utilized coke gas and electric power production.

Great attention is given to the utilization of production wastes at the plant. The example of successful activity provided by Avdiivka coke in the field of reducing of formation and volume of wastes is  to build and put into operation the flotation tailings settling and  non-moistering plants (liquid wastes) of coal enrichment factory.

Until recently to utilize the wastes we used slum basin, it is a natural beam partitioned by a weir, it occupies the territory 118 hectares. However in connection with growth of production volumes in 2002-2004,  continuous work of coal factory, the slum basic is almost exhausted. The problem could be decided by the increase of capacity of the slum basin due to the increase of weir height. But this decision would result in the diminution of the safety of weir service life, in the reinforcement of polluted water permeability to the contiguous territories, it also could damage the environment significantly.

This problem could be also decided externally by building the new slum basin. It was necessary to set aside the new area as the pollution of land. As a result Avdiivka coke decided to start building of ecologically safe closed liquid wastes utilization system, where  the cake (solid residue) is selected from the flotation tails, then it is delivered to the  rock dump, and the purified water goes back to the technological cycle of the plant. The investments to build the filter-press department amount to  55 million hryvnias.

Filter-press department in the coal preparing shop No. 1 is one of the examples to decide the complex ecological problems of the region. After the closure of slum basin it is now possible for PJSC «AVDIIVKA COKE» to start processing of 6,5 million tons of slum that was accumulated in it, that contains a lot of coal, and in future to reclaim the territory of slum basin. Filter-press department is the confirmation of possibility while developing the production process to simultaneously take care of the ecology in our region.

The authorities of State administration of ecology and natural resources in Donetsk region considered that our plant is the leader among the by-product coke enterprises of our region regarding the realization of environmental activities. PJSC «AVDIIVKA COKE» became more than once the winner in the regional competition in nomination «For efficiency in environmental work».