Предприятия группы Метинвест Feedback


The management company «Metinvest Holding» in 2010  accepted «Efficiency upgrading strategy of social and investment activity of Metinvest»,  the primary tasks were set to be decided starting with the  budgetary campaign of 2011.

One of such tasks is to develop  social budget of the enterprises and to plan the list of the specific social programs. The basic direction to realize the strategy is the gradual transition of Group’s enterprises  to  work according to the requirements of the planned social programs both  internal (implemented on the enterprise) and corporate-wide  (implemented within the framework of the Group’s enterprises).

In accordance with  «Efficiency upgrading strategy of social and investment activity of Metinvest » the external social charges were budgeted for 2011at our plant  and two social complex programs were developed:

  • «Veteran» –  social support of veterans of the Great Patriotic War, peacekeeping soldier, liquidators of Chernobyl disaster.
  • «Healthy children are healthy nation» – costs that are planned to realize this program (approximately 558 thousand hryvnias). They  will be forward to the reconstruction of stadium in our town, purchasing of necessary equipment and competition form for children, to lead  sporting events. The plant will implement  this program jointly with Avdeevka town administration.

Financial support is planned within the framework of Program of family, young people and sports of Avdeevka town administration and children’s and youth sports school to purchase the sports equipment, form, to  lead sporting events.

The corporate social programs will be implemented in 2011within the framework of Metinvest Group enterprises.

PJSC «AVDIIVKA COKE» will take part in realization of three programs. 

Since the 14th of March we have organized the competition to designate the best artistic work entitled «Paint of ore, coal and metal» which is conducted within the framework of the corporate social program concerning the work with young people «The World of possibilities». This competition gives possibility for young talented artists aged from 14 to 35 years to prove themselves in opening of industrial artistic theme and present  the artistic works in painting and graphic arts, in genres «industrial landscape», «multigenre design» and «portrait». The most interesting works of this competition will be presented on the town exhibition. All the participants of the exhibition will be awarded with the honored prizes, the winners of the exhibition will get money and the possibility to publish the best works in the catalogue of all towns - members of the competition, it will be issued upon completion of the exhibition.

Our plant gives the primary attention to the environment. Therefore the management of the  plant decided to take part in realization of the company-wide program «The Healthy environment is a deal for everybody», it is aimed to provide ecological education in cost-effective use of resources, energy-savings, climate changes and to involve the local population in the decision of environment problems  of our town, to bring up the environment conservation. This project in 2011 will be realized only on two enterprises of Group - PJSC «AVDIIVKA COKE» and Enakievo iron and steel works.

On the 31th of March in 2011 two educational ecological competitions started within the framework of the program «The Healthy environment is a deal for everybody»:  «Environmental lesson» is a competition among the teachers of local schools to develop and implement  the best innovative out-of-school activity with environmental and natural direction; and the competition «Take care of nature is every day deal» - to designate the best ecological project among the senior pupils of local schools. After considering the results of the competitions the winners will get money and valuable prizes.

In 2011 in Avdeevka town within the framework of the new corporate social program «The Healthy environment is a deal for everybody» more activities are planned to be realized:

  • the project «The Green class»  is the ecological lessons for pupils of town schools on the basis of the glasshouse of PJSC «AVDIIVKA COKE»;
  • photo competition among the habitants of the town «Wild-life of Donbass» within the framework of  it we suppose to organize the town photo-exhibition and  award  the participants of this competition who presented the most interesting photos;
  • the competition «My green town» among the public organizations, municipal establishments and associations of the town that deal with the development and introduction of the best project concerning  the amenity planting.

«Development of children's football» is another company-wide social program that is planned to be realized in 2011 at PJSC «AVDIIVKA COKE» and is directed to the development of children's football in our town, to try talented children’s paces.

Since April 26, 2011 at OJSC «PJSC «AVDIIVKA COKE»»  the project «The Green class» has been started already which is realized on the base of the plant glasshouse within the framework of the corporate social program the «Healthy environment is a deal for everybody» of Metinvest Group.

The purpose of the stated project is to form among the younger generation the concept about an ecological culture,  to bring up the attitude of care to the native land. Pupils from schools, teachers, employees of the plant’s glasshouse participate in this project. The «Green class» is equipped with furniture - tables and chairs on the basis of the plant’s glasshouse to provide school lessons (natural study, botany, geography) by teachers.

During this short period  the pupils of nine classes of general town schools went over the glasshouse. During the excursions children enquire knowledge of  ecological features of the plant’s glasshouse, its specific  variety, learn new interesting facts about the flora of the glasshouse. The excursions to the plant’s glasshouse will last to the end of the present school year and will proceed in June for senior pupils. After summer vacations in September the glasshouse again will throw open doors for pupils and teachers of our town.

PJSC «AVDIIVKA COKE» in future will direct its social activity not only to the employees of the plant, but also to develop the society where it builds and develops the business and  expects in return loyalty and understanding from the society  in the decision of different problems.