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Responsibility to workers, society and state is the basis of social policy which is presented at Avdiivka coke. Social obligations of «AVDIIVKA COKE» amounts to  tens millions of hryvnias every year. Social factor is considered at all levels of co-operating with society, this is a necessary condition for the modern and effective development strategy to be realized at PJSC «AVDIIVKA COKE».

In July 2010 on the eve of Steelworker Day  the regional state administration and regional trade union committee of steelworkers and miners of Ukraine decided to award with the winner title PJSC «Avdiivka coke» according to the results of review competition «The best social program of mining and steel plant in Donetsk region» among by-product coke plants included in Metinvest Group.


Social and HR policy of PJSC «AVDIIVKA COKE» is based on obligations to follow the social and HR legislation and agreements between workers, it creates all necessary terms to realize  professional skills of workers at  PJSC «AVDIIVKA COKE».

The salary of workers of PJSC «AVDIIVKA COKE» is one of the highest among by-product coke plants in Ukraine.

At the beginning of 2010 the multilevel system of reward is implemented at «Avdiivka coke», that is based on the procedure presented by international consulting company «Hay Group». It made possible to considerably raise wages and labour motivation.

Training of personnel

PJSC «AVDIIVKA COKE» being the largest employer in Avdeevka town  pursues the focused policy regarding the training of highly skilled specialists to be able to work at the plant, providing comfort working and rest conditions for employees. In 2010 138 thousand of hryvnias were directed to teach and develop the personnel in order to increase employees’ qualification. 

Different workmanship competitions are annually conducted at the plant, there is the system of financial and non-financial recognition.

PJSC «AVDIIVKA COKE» is the base plant for the students of different educational institutions to be in training. Period contracts are concluded with Donetsk national technical university, Donetsk national university, Donetsk polytechnical college and Avdeevka technical vocational schools.

The plant closely co-operates with Donetsk national technical university. Since 1990th we practice annually complex diploma projects defence by students of Donetsk national technical university with a specialization in «Solid fuel chemical technology» and «Machines and devices of chemical production», where the general director of the plant VLASOV Gennady Aleksandrovich is the permanent and honoured state examination presiding commissioner. Many graduating students of this university successfully work at the plant as leaders and specialists.

In 2004 specially to meet the demands of PJSC «AVDIIVKA COKE» the speed-up teaching department for the specialists was opened at the specialized department «Machines and devices of chemical production » at the faculty of Ecology and chemical technologies, it concerns the specialization «Chemical production equipment and building materials enterprises».

The general director G.A.Vlasov (associate professor at the department  «Machines and devices of chemical production ») and V.V.Kirbaba (the deputy of the chief engineer of environmental protection from PJSC «AVDIIVKA COKE» (the department  «Applied ecology and environmental protection», the teacher of «Environmental inspecting discipline») impart their knowledge and huge production experience with the students of faculty of «Ecology and chemical technologies» at DONNTU.