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Since the date of Avdiivka coke foundation we use the newest advanced for the present time technologies and achievements of scientific and technical progress.

At PJSC «AVDIIVKA COKE» for the first time the closed storages of coal were built. On the door-extracting machines of coke batteries we use the devices to stem the dust. At the reconstruction of coke batteries No. 1, 2, 3 the refractory lining and gas heating system are applied, it allows to decrease by 90% the gas evacuation from doors and to enhance significantly the refractory lining life.

At PJSC «AVDIIVKA COKE» first in our country the technologies of the two-stage primary coke gas cooling, unsaturated method of ammonium sulfate production, and also a whole complex of other chemical-technological processes are assimilated. We widely use the advanced foreign technologies at our plant.

In particular, in 2003 the coarse-grained enrichment facility is set, the hydrosizers are used there, they were manufactured by English company «Gramtech Associates Ltd». Its appliance resulted in stabilization and decrease of floatation, sludge processing, that is especially important, taking into account the deficit of coking coal in Ukraine. In coke-pitch shop for granulation and packing of electrode coal tar pitch the facility manufactured by German firm «SANDVIK» is put into operation in 2005.

During last six years a lot was done to realize the development of coke production technologies and chemical products to reduce the influence of contaminants to the environment.

In 2006 the flotation tailings settling and concentrate non-moistering plant after radial thickeners in coal preparing shop No.1 with the use of the equipment made by German firm «Rittershaus & Blecher». Dehydrated flotation tailings are transported to the rock dump.

The being automatic weighers were substituted to the belt weigh conveyors made by German firm PFISTER. They are equipped with automatic weigh control system «BTM FeedMaster», which allows to improve coal charge and coke quality due to the increase weighing accuracy of the component from 2% up to 0,5%.

In 2008 new worm tube sampler UNI-SAMPLER made by JOHNSON INDASTRIES is put into operation. It comprises X-ray and fluorescent express-analyzer of OXEA-1000 and halogen humidity sensor HB-3 manufactured by «Metler Toledo». It allows operational quality control of supplied run coal and concentrates, sampling directly from the wagons without their discharging.

The modern methods of coke products processing at PJSC «AVDIIVKA COKE» allow to produce the wide range of chemical products. In recovery shop No.1 the reconstruction of distillation facility is completed with application of equipment manufactured by production leading firms, it allowed to receive raw benzene of improved quality, to reduce absorption oil consumption almost twofold, and to save energy sources: water, steam, coke gas.

The second extraction of benzene department has been reconstructed and then new benzene scrubber with metallic punch-draught header was mounted. The suggested scrubber construction for benzene hydrocarbons recovery from coke gas considerably improves mass changing processes between coke gas and absorptive liquid and allows to apply one scrubber in place of three ones with wooden chord headers while cleaning.

The program is realized to close the cycle of the coke gas final cooling in desulphurization shop No.2, and recovery shop No.1. Application of Alfa Laval spiral column is set to implement three-stage cooling system in more intensive cooling processes and less quantity of coolant. This system of coke gas final cooling eliminates harmful substances emissions to the atmosphere from cooling water. After reconstruction it is planned that the emissions to the atmosphere should be reduced to more than 2 000 tons of chemical substances per year.

At PJSC «AVDIIVKA COKE» in desulphurization shops the unique in Ukraine the sulphuric acid production plant is put into service, it is operated by the technology and on the equipment of the Danish company «Hador Topse». This installation allowed to diminish harmful emissions into air, to increase significantly the technical sulphuric acid production, to improve its quality, to decrease greatly the power consumption, thus to shorten the facilities repair and maintenance time. The two-stage purifying of coke gas from hydrogen sulphide were modernized that led to hydrogen sulphide losses in the purified gas up to 0,5 g/m3 in desulphurization shops No. 1 and 2.

To protect environment in 2010 PJSC «AVDIIVKA COKE» started the final stage of reconstruction of the coke gas final cooling system, and provided an operational test of the coke gas closed cooling on the second turns in recovery shop No.1. The cooling technology is based on the usage of compact three-stage spiral refrigerators made by the Swedish company Alfa Laval, which were constructed by order of PJSC «AVDIIVKA COKE».

Realization of this project allowed to eliminate the emissions of chemical substances in the air on water coolings and to reduce the emissions by more than 2 000 tons of chemical substances per year.

The closed technology of coke gas cooling decreased the loading on the biochemical settings located at the territory of the plant, where water used in technological processes is being cleaned. It improved operation reliability, water treatment quality, reduced its purchase amount for the production demands of PJSC «AVDIIVKA COKE».

In March 2011 when the reconstruction at heat and power plant was carried out a turbine-generator No.7 was activated in turbine shop No.2. It is equipped with the Danish devaporation system «Alfa Cond». The realization of this project will allow to increase the productivity of turbine-generator No.7 by 1.5 thousands kW/hour or 11.6 thousands MW/year.

Presently at PJSC «AVDIIVKA COKE» the large variety of projects is implemented. To maintain production capacities on coke gas cleaning the sulfate department and ammonium sulfate stockage areas are under reconstruction at the moment. To improve quality of the prepared products in coke shop No.1 the site of crushing of coke pieces + 80 mm is being built now. At heat and power plant the turbine-generator No.3 is replaced to increase electric power capacity.

To increase production capacities it was decided to build the electrode pitch granulation plant in coke-pitch shop. In coke shop No.1 the quenching block No.2 will be reconstructed on dry-quenching facility, it will allow to increase power steam production and as a consequence — to increase the electric power production.

Automation of technological processes proceeds at PJSC «AVDIIVKA COKE». In 2006 in coal preparing shop No. 2 the new computer control system of coal charging to silos was commissioned. This system was developed by the specialists of IT department. It allows to increase coal takeup speed, to obtain more accurate coal charge for coking, to reduce maintenance man-hours. Today the coal discharge automatic control system to the coke shops is adopted in the shop. The total capacity of automatic control system in production process (ACSPP) covers more % of plant’s technological process

Beginning from the second part of the 90s, attention is paid to automatic control system in production process (ACSPP) at the plant. Nowadays almost all departments of chemical groups are fully or partially covered by the automation of technological processes. Cleaning gas departments and sulfuric departments at the desulphurization shop and also benzene department of the recovery shop are running under control of ACS PP. The automation of ammonium-sulfate department of the recovery shop №1 is nearly finished. And the automation of ammonium-sulfate department, benzene department of the desulfurization shop, distillation department of the tar-processing shop is in the near term. The hatching departments of coal inside storage of coal preparing shop are automated in coal coke group of shops, the automating works of the washing floating drying stove of the coal cleaning plant are finished. Some of coke shops equipped with modern automatic control systems of coke machines, edging winch and coke dry quenching discharging devices based on industrial controllers.

Automatic control system of one of the coke dry system (including the recovery boiler) and the discharging device of the whole installation are implemented at the fourth coke processing shop. In the near future the implementation work is underway an automated control system of coke oven battery heating (including the management of edging winch) in the same shop. In the nearest future will be automation of the pitch preparing coke-pitch shop. Also automation systems are implemented to the production of steam for technological needs of the enterprise: two of the seven boilers are already running under the ACSPP. Work is under way on automate management of another steam boiler.

Since 1991 at the company operated the information-analytical system of control of technological processes (IASCTP) of coke production developed by experts of the plant. Nowadays this system is operated in all coke processing shops. With the help of built-in expert subsystems the system identifies the reasons that could cause deviation from production schedules, suggesting ways to fix them. IASCTP also allows to simulate the processes of high-temperature carbonization.

Currently an automated production control system Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is implementing, tasks of which are planning, synchronization, coordination, analysis and optimization of production within the plant. Such an implementation became possible, particularly thanks to fiber optic network coverage of all production sectors of works. Reliability of ACSPP and MES is guaranteed by exploiting of two synchronous data processing centers, which are provided with a complex of modern engineering infrastructure. Within the first phase of implementation MES created manufacturing technology portal, which accumulates in the real-time process parameters received from all the ACSPP that operates in the enterprise, and provides the possibility of their visualization and analysis. The whole basic information about the production is displayed on the workstation of technologists, as well as a special wall-mounted display (video wall) placed in the control room of the works. The system provides an automatic formation of the reports of factual results of production activity.

Up to mid-summer 2012 is planned to complete the second stage of implementation of MES at the Pjsc «AVDIIVKA COKE PLANT», which is to automate the processing and transmission of data by the central works laboratory and the technical control department. The specification of converting the real-time mode of the material balance of the company will be developed as well. Since 2002 the plant uses the ERP-system Oracle eBusiness Suite, which now provides an automated registration receipt, payment, and the movement of raw materials, production, shipment and payment for products, automates the direction of accounting and taxation, the movement purchased inventory items and equipment and also payroll accounting process. Currently work is under way to integrate with the production management system in order to obtain more rapid, objective data and performance indicators directly from the source.

To provide effective management of IT structure continuity and capacity of IT-system in production processes IT-department (information technology service) implements a service management model in accordance with the best world practices on the basis of ITIL.

Research work

At PJSC «AVDIIVKA COKE» since the very commissioning the research works are realized, both independently and jointly with leading scientific project organizations, such as UKHIN, GIPROKOKS, UNPA «Ukrkoks», KOKSOKHIMPROEKT and other.

Plant workers are engaged in rationalization and inventor’s work. The suggested technical solutions are directed to the improvement of technological production processes, quality of manufactured products.

The plant received the patent No. 23712 dated 11.06.2007 to the useful model «Process of the final cooling of coke gas», patent No.20441 dated 15.01.2007 to the useful model «Scrubber to recover o benzene hydrocarbons from coke gas». Projects are applied while the benzene department was reconstructed in recovery shop No. 1.

In 2010 at Avdeevskiy coke-processing Works 29 research and development and engineering works were created. For the last 10 years the workers of the plant presented more than 3 thousand o innovations and received 23 patents for the inventions to be realized, 15 from which have been already used in production process.