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Social and economic development

Constructive dialogue with local associations is one of the major directions of social corporate policy of responsibility of Avdiivka coke. PJSC «AVDIIVKA COKE» is a town-forming plant and pays large attention to the social and economic development of Avdeevka town. Our plant provides about 50% of budget income of Avdeevka town,  every  fourth habitant works at it.

PJSC «AVDIIVKA COKE» and town authorities together realize the long-term program of social partnership that is fixed in bilateral Agreement about the social and economic collaboration between the plant and town authorities, within the framework of it PJSC «AVDIIVKA COKE» supports different social activities in the town.

PJSC «AVDIIVKA COKE» actively takes part in the decision regarding the communal and social problems of our town. The plant is the basic supplier of hot water and heat for habitants of Avdeevka town. Thus the thermal energy released by the plant is several times cheaper than the heat supplied by the boilers on natural gas.

Domestic sewages are supplied to the plant from the town, they are cleaned by  biological and mechanical cycle cleaning in off-site cleansing buildings. After it the part of sewages is used in the technological processes of the plant, and another part is disposed into surface impoundments.

Annually PJSC «AVDIIVKA COKE» arranges the transportation of the hard local domestic wastes to the plant’s ground.

Avdiivka coke also lends support to the city to repair  the schools, infant schools, dwelling-houses, assists to modernize Avdeevka town. Wiring mounting, repair of buildings outside lighting, electrical equipment connection, repair of electric ovens – this is only the short list of works conducted in local kindergartens and schools.

The plant responded to the requests to help the hospital in the town. Two computers were presented to the local hospital by our plant to maintain  documentation, many times our plant helped to repair the refrigeration machines and freezer compartments.

The management of our plant do not forget about children from families with many children, poor citizens of the town and single habitants. Exactly for them daily during several years the proper dinners are organized in the cafe «Coeval». The workers of the plant  voluntarily transfer money from their salaries every month to provide these facilities. 

During summer vacations children from needy families visit the school camp «Antoshka», they also get the permit to visit the children health center «Danko».

Our plant gives help to all of these organizations: schools and  children kindergartens, local education department, local technical vocational school, hospital, territorial center of social service and service supply, tram and transport administration in Avdeevka town, temples of the town.

Gym in Palace of Culture, Techniques and Sports of the plant is never empty.

Not only the workers of the plant, but also the pupils, students, townspeople have the opportunity to attend 12 hobby sections (all over 600 persons). In a gym there are the trainings on mini-football, football, volley-ball, basket-ball, Tae Kwon Do, boxing, Wu-shu-sanda, karate, table tennis, break-dance and other types of sport. The trainings are conducted by skilled trainers, among them there are masters of international class. Their pupils were many times included in the number of winners of regional, Ukrainian and international competitions.

To popularize the healthy way of life, to find the best sportsmen at the level of the plant and the town we constantly run sports meeting.  

The picked team of the plant took  part in championship of FSC «Metallurgist» and in the test of sports and athletics meeting of trade union  central committee of metallurgists.  Participating in different sports and athletics meetings, tournaments and championships, the picked teams of the plant were awarded with medal places.

According to the results of the 20th sports and athletics meeting of the workers of  ore mining and smelting  complex of Ukraine and Donetsk region the team of OJSC «PJSC «AVDIIVKA COKE»» became the bronze prizewinner. There were no equal teams to the plant’s workers in mini-football and arm wrestling. Every game of the plant football team was dynamic and effective, that’s why they became the winners quite justly. In checks and chess competitions among women and men our sportsmen became «silver» and «bronze» prizewinners.

To support creativity and talents of the plant’s workers and the habitants of the town, to bring up the artistic taste, all-round development, healthy lifestyle promotion is the task for OJSC «PJSC «AVDIIVKA COKE»» equally important as achievement of high production and economic indexes.

Palace of Culture, Techniques and Sports of PJSC «AVDIIVKA COKE» is  the center of cultural life of Avdeevka town, and for the last few years  considerably changed. There are  the hall in which concerts and theatrical performances take place, the wonderful sports and health center, choreographic halls for dancings collectives to rehearse, library. Every habitant of Avdeevka town regardless of age can find the interest in Palace. Here in different hobby groups and sections about three thousand children and adults get busy free of charge.

Today there are 30 creative teams in Palace, among them 13 teams for adults, 5 teams and 16 studio groups – for children. Three teams were awarded with the honorary degree «Exemplary», 7 teams have the degree «Folk».

The pride of Avdeevka town is dancing teams «Charm», «Barvy», «Ekskvizit», «Podarunok», «Mosaic», «M-style» etc. Frequently the exemplary team of ballroom dance «Mosaic», exemplary folk dance team «Podarunok», folk dance team «Barvy» became the winners of the regional and Ukrainian competitions of orchestics. Their participants abilities are known not only in Ukraine but also abroad - the dancing teams of the plant visited Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Egypt, Spain, Poland and Turkey. Many creative teams are the prizewinners of talent shows and song and dance competitions.

During several years every day  at the territory of the Palace the day of rest takes place in children’s club «Kapitoshka». This day gained the large popularity not only among children but also among adults.

For the habitants of our town and workers of the plant the workers of the Palace organize concerts, theatricalize holidays and thematic activities, which visit not only the workers of the plant, but also all habitants of the town. There is no activity without participation of the workers of coke plant. The specially colorful and memorized festive activity for the workers and habitants of the town was celebration in 2010 the Day of metallurgist. Festive activities proceeded during three days on all concert sites of the town.

In Palace  of Culture, Techniques and Sports the association of veterans «Senior generation» continues working. It started working since 2001 and became  the source of cheerfulness, optimism, heartfelt heat, care and understanding for the veterans of the plant. For people who are now on the well-deserved rest  the workers of Palace of PJSC «AVDIIVKA COKE» organized a lot of thematic holidays and evenings of rest.

«Mobile living-room» got accustomed for a long time at our plant and outside, it represents the working activity with pensioners of the plant. In 2010 12 departures were made. Traveling all over «Mobile living-room» visited  61 pensioners to remind to everyone that he is not forgotten  by the native plant. 6100 hryvnias were spent to conduct this event. In October 2010  the nonworking  pensioners received the financial aid amounted to 200 hryvnias for everyone.