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Avdiivka Coke changes windows that were damaged by shelling in apartments of low-income citizens

14 March 2016

Avdiivka Coke (AKKhZ) is close to completing its program for changing windows that were damaged by shelling in houses and apartments of socially vulnerable citizens of the city. Metinvest Group invested about UAH 1 mln for this purpose.

This aid is allocated to single seniors, people within the 1st, 2nd or 3rd disability category, single mothers or families with multiple children.

The enterprise undertook to purchase window frames and insulated glass units. Installation works were done by volunteers.

New plastic steel windows were installed for 160 families. Volunteers are still to repair the damages in 41 apartments. In total, 344 window frames and 200 insulated glass units will be changed.

- Avdiivka Coke has done a lot of work in refurbishing residential houses, social facilities and utility lines. We have done everything possible for people in Avdiivka to feel warm and comfortable, says the general director of AKKhZ Musa Magomedov. – This works would not have been complete without the new windows. Unfortunately, not every family in Avdiivka can afford to change their glass units. Therefore, we decided to help those who are most in need.

Sergey Listopad is one of those who were helped. A shell destroyed the front wall of his house last winter, the windows were damaged.

- The city council gave us construction materials to repair the house. New windows were outside the scope. We lived with broken windows for a year covering the holes with materials on hand, says Sergey. – We are very thankful to the plant! But for the help from the coke plant, I don't know how we would manage it on our own.

The house of Svetlana Gaikova who has a disability was damaged by shelling. A shell hit the kitchen and blew out all the windows. A flying squad of volunteers from Revival public organization repaired the damages. The plant helped put new window frames.

- I spend all of my pension on medicines. I also have to buy food, so could not even think about buying new windows. I lived with shut windows like a mole for a year. With my illness, though, I need as more of sunlight as possible. I would not even want to live, remembers Svetlana Gaikova. – I am so thankful to the coke plant for not leaving me when I was in trouble. The house has improved, and has as lot of sunlight. It's wonderful. I feel like I want to live now.