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Metinvest launches the program “Lean Enterprise” at Avdiivka Coke

15 February 2012

Metinvest is an international vertically integrated metal and mining company within the framework of “Lean Enterprise” implementation started the realization of Proposal submission system oriented to encourage the initiative of the employees, their input to reduce the production losses as well as to increase enterprise efficiency.

Involving the employees to the continuous improvement process is directed to promote their ambition to the career advancement and development of innovative brainwork and lean culture at the plant. Useful offers may be directed to update any enterprise area: production process, labor safety, environment protection and to improve work environment. This program is aimed to realize employees’ creativity.

As stated in the proposal rendering and examination procedure the leader shall receive money just after the project had been accepted at the first level (Department Committee). The author of this idea shall receive the amount 5% of annual outcome. Amount of remuneration for the offer except for the obvious economic benefits constitutes to 30, 60 and 100 UAH, it depends on the degree of impact to the work of the department.

The program “Lean enterprise” provides new aspects of efficient development for Metinvest Group. This is a converted program of continuous operation improvements, but with newer and more complete approaches which are aimed to significantly improve the labor conditions, reduce standstill time, improve work and industrial safety, enhance the product quality. Within the framework of the program “Lean enterprise” there are three tools: 5С, ТРМ, SMED,    proposal submission system is in effect (Lean proposal).

“Implementation of the program “Lean enterprise” is the powerful motivation to provide continuous improvements at our plant,  it makes possible to involve to this process all the employees of the plant. So due to the proposal submission system “Lean proposal” every employee can be the initiative to change for the better at his production area and thereby to increase operating efficiency of the plant on the whole”, - said Gennadii Vlasov, the general director of PJSC “Avdiivka Coke”.

It should be noted that Khartsyzsk Pipe Plant was the first company among enterprises of Metinvest Group which started to implement proposal submission system. This system is in effect at Khartsyzsk Pipe Plant since February 21, 2011. During proposal submission system realization period the employees of the enterprise suggested more than 300 proposals.