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Avdiivka Coke launches new eco-friendly equipment

3 June 2019

Avdiivka Code has put a modern cooling tower into operation. The tower cools technical water which is used for benzene production. The new equipment will accelerate the production process and reduce the environmental footprint of the plant. Metinvest Group’s investment made UAH 25 million.

Earlier there wasn’t any cooling tower at the benzene workshop and water used to be taken from the cooling towers of the water supply shop. However, they could not cool water to a given temperature due to their technical condition and heavy workload. Also, there wasn’t enough water. The new cooling tower is made of polymer plastic which is resistant to corrosion and ultraviolet light, and is durable in service. Closed production cycle almost eliminates evaporation, therefore little fresh water is needed to feed the facility. The cooling tower will help reduce emissions from the combustion of purified gas and increase production of raw benzene by 10%.

AKHZ General Director Musa Magomedov: 

“Despite the fact that there are just a few kilometres to the frontline, the management company continues to invest in our plant. Over the past five years, it channelled about UAH 1 billion in the upgrade and maintenance of Avdiivka Coke. Therefore, we are not going to walk back. We are going to install such a cooling tower in our phenol plant in Novhorodske.”