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Kindergarten Renovated by Avdiivka Coke

13 December 2017

Avdiivka Coke and Chemicals Plant of Metinvest Group refurbished Cheburashka kindergarten, the only kindergarten in Avdiivka's Old Town. UAH 1.8 million was allocated for furniture and renovation works.

The plant's employees installed flagstone walkways, repaired the foundation and entrance to the kindergarten, installed a new fence around the playground and street lights. Avdiivka Coke bought new furniture and equipped playrooms with early child development kits. Nowadays, Cheburashka kindergarten is fully occupied. Sixty-five children attend this pre-school institution.

Tatyana Ruslyakova, director of Cheburaska kindergarten:

- We strive to make improvements to the kindergarten by harnessing internal resources. Unfortunately, not everything can be done on our own. All our guests say that the kindergarten feels homey. The first time Avdiivka Coke's general director Musa Magomedov came to visit us, he recognized the care we provide to children. He also promised to make the kindergarten state-of-the-art and comfortable for kids and he kept his promise. The Plant makes an invaluable contribution to the development of our kindergarten and its pupils.

Musa Magomedov, general director of Avdiivka Coke and Chemicals Plant:

- We succeeded in making the renovation of the kindergarten a reality. Now, the kindergarten provides plenty of space for children. This support is going to continue. We will cooperate with the city administration to take all efforts and make the kindergarten even better.

As a reminder, Avdiivka Coke and Chemicals Plant and the local civil-military administration signed a Social Partnership Agreement for 2017. The enterprise will invest UAH 11.9 million in social programs this year. Avdiivka Coke also transferred nearly UAH 29 million to the city budget. This is half the sum budgeted for the construction of Ocheretino-Avdiivka gas pipeline.