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Metinvest Group urges to put an end to military confrontation in Avdiivka area to prevent a humanitarian disaster

31 January 2017

Shutdown of Metinvest Group’s Avdiivka Coke Plant (Avdiivka Coke) can lead to a humanitarian disaster in the city. As a result of the shelling that damaged the power transmission lines, the enterprise is experiencing power supply outage and had to proceed to hot mothballing. Should Avdiivka Coke come to a complete halt, the heating of entire Avdiivka will be at risk.

Presently, the city has no electricity and water supply. Metinvest Group urges all parties involved in the conflict to immediately cease the military actions to allow for the repair of power lines and to resume electricity and water supply to the city.

Chief Executive Officer of Metinvest Group Yuriy Ryzhenkov:

“Our colleagues in Avdiivka make heroic efforts to deal with the situation. However, our efforts alone without an agreement with the parties involved in the military conflict are not sufficient to address the issue. Therefore, we hope that all parties will immediately sit down to talk to prevent the disaster. Employees of other Metinvest Group’s enterprises do not stay indifferent to what is happening in Avdiivka. Crisis centres have been established at enterprises in Zaporizhya, Kryviy Rih and Mariupol to help Avdiivka. The efforts are now focused on finding power generators, tents and heating equipment to help people in Avdiivka survive the potential heating disruption.”

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