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Avdiivka Coke Plant to help retired workers survive the winter

11 September 2015

Metinvest Group's Avdiivka Coke Plant will provide all retired workers of the plant with free coal. The plant has already allocated UAH 3 million for this purpose and is ready to allocate more depending on the need.

Every year, Avdiivka Coke Plant provides former workers who live in private houses in Avdiivka with coal to heat their houses during the fall and winter. This tradition is fixed in the collective agreement between the enterprise and the work force. Each retired worker can receive up to three tons of household fuel from the enterprise. About 500 former workers from the coke plant use coal from Avdiivka Coke to heat their houses every year.

Given the intensive shelling; frequent absence of water, electricity and gas; and high food prices, many retired workers who used to live in multi-story residential buildings have had to temporarily move to private houses. According to a decision by Avdiivka Coke Plant General Director Musa Magomedov, the plant will also help these people to get prepared for colder weather. Each retired worker of Avdiivka Coke Plant can receive three tons of household fuel for free.

So far, 273 residents of Avdiivka have applied for coal, of which 70 already received the fuel.

"Our plant has suffered significantly from the shelling and have incurred huge losses. Despite this, we cannot let our social programs stop. Instead, we are trying to help everyone who is in need," said Magomedov. "As we have seen, people really need support. We keep continuously receiving requests for coal. Avdiivka Coke Plant will help residents as long as it is needed."

In addition, given growth in prices and difficulties with delivering household fuel to Avdiivka, plant workers have an opportunity to buy coal at cost. Each plant worker can buy up to five tons of fuel. 

For editors:

Avdiivka Coke Plant is Europe’s largest high-tech coking plant. The plant makes 31 types of products. It has customers in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Georgia, Belgium, Tajikistan, Turkey, and Egypt. Its key products are blast furnace coke, electrode pitch coke, and crude benzene. Avdiivka Coke makes 23% of Ukraine’s bulk coke.  The plant produced 3.3 million tons of bulk coke (6% moisture content) in 2013. The plant runs eight coke oven batteries, with a designed capacity of 6.87 million tons of bulk coke per year. The enterprise is self-sufficient in terms of energy resources, including process steam, heating and electricity. Avdiivka Coke produces more than 50% of blast furnace coke with an advanced and environmentally friendly dry quenching process. Avdiivka Coke received a certificate for actively participating in the implementation of environmental policy at the regional level at the “Ecology in an Industrial Region” second international environmental forum by the National Environmental Protection Administration in Donetsk Oblast in 2012. Avdiivka Coke, together with the Shakhtar Football Club opened a football school for children in Avdiivka; the school currently has 60 students.

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