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Power supply to Avdiivka Coke is restored

5 March 2015

Metinvest Group Avdiivka Coke's employees, assisted by DTEK's staff, reconnected the plant to high-voltage overhead lines Makiivka-Avdiivka Coke #1 and Makiivka-Avdiivka Coke #2.

Avdiivka Coke lost power on January 24 as all four incoming high-voltage lines to the enterprise were damaged due to the armed conflict. Avdiivka Coke's core equipment was promptly switched to backup power from coke-oven gas-fired generators. However, the capacity is not sufficient for the normal production process. 

Now, with power supply restored, capacity utilization of the coke-oven battery can increase and steady coke production can be ensured. The Coal Washing Unit and Coal Preparation Shop #1 have been also restarted work. 

Electricity workers from Avdiivka Coke and DTEK also managed to restore power to Avdiivka.   The plant's employees also repaired the main supplying heat to the city, which was damaged by the shelling.  Public utility services are inspecting the systems to promptly provide households with heating.  Their work has been hampered by occasional shelling.  On Sunday, March 1, fragments of shells that exploded near Avdiivka Coke damaged the natural gas pipeline. The plant's employee managed to deal with the effects of the shelling within a short time.