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Avdiivka Coke gets reconnected to second main power line

31 July 2014

Avdiivka Coke, with the assistance of employees from DTEK, was reconnected to its second electricity power line, Yasynuvata-Avdiivka Coke #2, which was cut immediately after repairs on 29 July. For the night of 29-30 July, the plant was powered only by the Yasynuvata-Avdiivka Coke #1 line.

A severe decline in coking battery temperature was overcome, and currently temperatures are stable. All coking batteries that were shut down as a result of the plant losing power on 28 July are in operation and manufacturing products.

Due to the interrupted coking process and shortage of coke gas, benzene and pitch tar production has not yet resumed and the pitch granulation units are still not operational. They will resume operations as soon as the coke batteries reach planned capacity.

Yuriy Ryzhenkov, Metinvest Group’s CEO:
“Avdiivka Coke’s restoration of electricity supply was the result of the courage of employees from Metinvest and DTEK. The military action in Avdiivka threatened Europe’s largest coking plant, which produces 40% of Ukrainian coke. The shells that hit the plant interrupted the power supply. The repair of the electricity transmission lines was a real battle that was won by the will of our people. They risked their lives, restored electricity supply and saved production at this facility which is so important for the country. I would like to express my gratitude to Serhiy Taruta, Donetsk region governor, and the region’s government, who negotiated a ceasefire with the Ukrainian military for the time it took to conduct the repairs. Only coordinated efforts made it possible to initiate a gradual relaunch of the plant’s equipment today.”