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Avdiivka Coke Plant renders help to municipal tram park

17 December 2012

Avdiivka Coke Plant of Metinvest group within the framework social-economic partnership with the town allocated more than 476 thousand UAH to municipal enterprise “Avdiivka Tram-transport department”. These funds allowed Tram-transport department to repair four kilometers of Avdiivka street railway. To reduce the risk of accidental outage time and improves the reliability of the tram, depreciated parts of street railway were replaced.

The employees of Avdiivka Coke Plant took part in repairing works.

During the past year the Plant provided Tram-transport department with 500 kg aluminum cable for replacement of working assemblies of the tramcars, 50m of rails and 100m of railway sleepers and also armatures to repair the street railway and wagons. 

Avdiivka is the only place among small towns of Donetsk region (with a population of less than 50 thousand people), in which this mode of electric transport exists. 

«Tram is the main public transport and the most economical one for Avdiivka Coke employees. It provides regular transportation between the town and the Plant. Also using tram is a popular way for the citizens to move to the town center, as well as getting to their garden plots. And our company is ready to support municipal enterprise «Avdiivka Tram-transport department» to maintain this mode of electric transport», – said Musa Magomedov, General Director Avdiivka Coke Plant of Metinvest Group.