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Metinvest is getting involved in improving of the environmental permitting system

14 May 2012

Metinvest participates in the project "Integrated permitting system in Ukraine", organized by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of Ukraine in cooperation with the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA).

In the framework of project implementation, experts from Sweden and Ukraine visited Avdiivka Coke of Metinvest Group and got acquainted with its environmental permits, as well as the Environmental Protection Service of the enterprise, key modernization and reconstruction projects with high environmental component.

The participants were discussing major systemic problems in the field of environmental permitting system and holistic approach to reforming its system for unification content and practice of excepting legislative proceeding.

After their visit to the Plant delegates also met with Head of the State Environmental Protection Administration in Donetsk Oblast Sergei Vladimirovich Tretyakov. The experts discussed possible obstacles to integrated permitting system in Ukraine from permitting authority and their understanding of the problems of law reform process.

As Sergei Tretyakov noted during the meeting, Ukraine is unlikely to track any «ready» model permitting system which we would borrow from the European Community. And we need to form our own way built on the basis of best international practice.

«Our Participation in the project to change the environmental permitting system is an important step on track to reach targets to achieve European standards of environmental impact. It’s certainly a big challenge for our companies to have perspective to work within the requirements of European directives. But at the same time it is a great opportunity for us to enter into a number of world’s largest steel company, playing with them on equal terms, and by the same rules «— said Vladyslav Byelous, the acting Head of the Environmental Protection Directorate of Industrial Safety and Environment of Metinvest Holding, LLC.

The project «Integrated permitting system in Ukraine» is aimed at improving the environmental permitting system for more efficient management of the environmental component at enterprises' economic activity and promote the implementation of integrated environmental permitting system. The principle of an integrated approach implies a common permit for air emissions, water and soil, energy expenditure, as well as efficient use of raw materials.