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The "5S" system is being implemented at Avdiivka Coke Plant

25 April 2012

Avdiivka Coke Plant of Metinvest Group commenced the roll-in of the "5S" system as part of "Lean Enterprise" program implementation, which is directed on the creation of efficient work places which allows to scale up operational zones management and increase work productivity.

The pilot structural departments of the PJSC «Avdiivka Coke» where short-termed activities took place as part of the «5S» system meant to increase ergonomics of the work place (kaizen blitzes) included the coke-pitch shop, the sulphur-refinement shop № 2 and recovery shop №2. The workers of the departments not only got acquainted with the «5S» principles «sort out», «keep order», «keep clean», «standardise» and «improve» but also applied the new tools in practice. As part of the project the mechanical shops and equipment were cleaned, tools and parts were sorted out and also stands were used for the convenience of tools storage.

«In general, the implementation of the «5S» tool at the pilot structural departments of the Avdiivka Coke and chemical plant is being successfully run, — said Yuri Kampov, the expert of the department for the incessant improvement of the Metallurgical devision at Metinvest. — The quick and efficient implementation of the planned improvements is obvious. The kaizen blitzes allowed us to assess the current condition of the mechanical shops at three plants of the AVDK and set forward the further plan of action to improve them. It is obvious today that due to the implemented «5S» system working conditions for the staff have been improved and production safety has been enhanced. And these are convincing arguments to advance further and implement the efficient system at the other structural departments of the PJSC " Avdiivka Coke " of the Metinvest group.»

«In order to quickly meet the demands of the ever changing market Metinvest implements at its enterprises the most modern and highly efficient technology, — remarked Hennadi Vlasov, CEO at the PJSC «Avdiivka Coke». — the Avdiivka Coke is facing serious challenges in optimizing production processes, loss management of different kinds, decrease of technological equipment down-time, increase of the quality of the manufactured products. One of the long-term strategic initiatives of the Metinvest group has been designed to cope with these urgent tasks «Lean Enterprise» directed on strengthening and developing of competitive edge, which will involve the workers of the Plant in the process of incessant improvements.»