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Avdiivka Coke Plant diverted UAH 1.7 million to Avdiivka town development

24 April 2012

Avdiivka Coke of Metinvest Group summed up the work in the direction of social investment in 2012. In the framework of regional partnership the Plant has been allocated a total of 1.7 million UAH in the first quarter of this year.

Providing funds held under the Agreement on social and economic partnership for 2012 between the Plant management and Avdiivka Municipal Council taking into account the priorities, including municipal infrastructure development, educational level improvement, popular sport elaboration and healthy lifestyle promotion, support for organizations working with vulnerable segments of the population.

The majority of funding was directed to develop and to keep existing functionality of municipal infrastructure: improvement of kindergarten playgrounds of the town, repair of vocational school, construction of artificial turf football field.

In addition, improvement of central parkland area down the Gagarin Street will be held in this year Since the beginning of the year Avdiivka Municipal Council has been allocated almost UAH 200 thousand on the landscaping in the park and children’s sports and gaming complex construction.

Realization of the corporate social responsibility programs of Metinvest is continued at Avdiivka aimed at long-term qualitative changes in priorities and values of the younger generation: «Healthy Environment is Everybody’s Business», «Healthy Children -- Healthy Nation», «Children and youth football development». And children’s football school Avdeevka based on the Palace of Culture, Techniques and Sports of PJSC «Avdiivka Coke Plant» was given UAH 100 thousand. At the moment 82 young sportsmen is training at this school.

Avdiivka Coke Plant also established scholarships to encourage gifted children of the town this year.

«With the introduction of the document regulations on the enterprises of Metinvest Group the approach to communication with our stakeholders changed, -- said Oksana Tregubchuk, Manager of Regional Development PJSC «Avdiivka Coke, «- As a result of signing the two-sided agreement we have streamlined our work with the town, taking into account the priority development directions. Our coworking during the first quarter this year is showing the advantages of a targeted approach compared with one-time payments».

A new competition for the best social project «City — with our hands» also has been started in Avdiivka since March. It aimed at improving comfort and life quality of the citizens; the prize fund is UAH 250 thousand.