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Complex program directed to lend help to pensioners is successfully realized at Avdiivka Coke

17 October 2011 // Press centre PJSC “Avdiivka Coke Plant”

At Avdiivka Coke Plant that is included in Metinvest Group the complex program directed to lend support and help to the workers of the plant who are pensioners now. Within the framework of this trend in 2011 Avdiivka Coke provides coal for the pensioners who live in private houses free of charge. It is planned to purchase 2 thousand tons of coal.

Excluding the domestic fuel to lend help to the pensioners Avdiivka Coke Plant annually devotes more than 500 thousand UAH in order to provide non recurrent and regular payment for old people.

So monthly welfare assistance amounted to 250 UAH is given by Avdiivka Coke Plant  to the participants in Great Patriotic War  who had been working at the Plant. Non recurrent payment is received by peacekeeping soldiers and participants in emergency clean-up after the Chernobyl nuclear accident. Every autumn the Plant provides financial aid to purchase vegetables for the winter period.

Besides this the pensioners of the Plant may receive emergency address payment from the Plant to solve difficult situations or to give treatment.

Since the beginning of the year Avdiivka Coke made financial contributions for 26 old people.

The pensioners also have the possibility to have rest at the Azov Sea paying reduced value permit that is several times cheaper than for the present workers of the Plant. This summer 322 pensioners had the possibility to rest in the boarding house.

“We provide help for our pensioners and this is the significant support and reminder that they are not forgotten at the native Plant. For the present workers of the Plant it is the confidence in the future, they are confident that their communication with the plant should not be broken”, - said Gennadiy Vlasov the General Director of PJSC “Avdiivka Coke Plant”.